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Rules of Play

About the competition

The goal of the competition is to collect as many points as possible by predicting the final scores of the games and answering bonus questions.

Making predictions

Predictions for each match must always be entered at least 5 minutes before the individual matches. You can change your prediction at any time until then. The result after 90 minutes (regular playing time) always applies. Please note that you must save your predictions before you open another page in the competition. For this purpose, simply click the button 'Enter prediction'. Otherwise your entries are lost.

Distribution of points

You receive the following points after the end of the respective individual matches:

If you predict the exact result, you receive 3 points in your account!
If you predict the correct outcome, in other words, the correct winner or a draw, you receive 1 point!
If you do not predict the exact result or the correct outcome, you do not receive any points!

Bonus questions

Bonus questions should also be answered in the competition. If the answer is correct, you are awarded bonus points and have the possibility of jumping to the front in the tallying of overall points. The bonus points are accounted for in the overall tallying, but not the match day evaluation.
You are awarded points for each correctly answered question. Important: You must answer all bonus questions before their expire date. The following applies for all bonus questions: They are cancelled after the matches are over.


In addition to individual participation, each player in the competition can start a group to which they can invite other participants in the competition. The player communicates the name of their group to their potential opponents. They search for the group under the 'Group' button and click 'Join'. The founder of the group can accept or reject an application to the group, which the founder receives by email and is shown under the group page.
A pool team consists of at least 3 participants. The average points of all group members are counted. Players must be registered in the competition to participate in a group. Each player can only join one group. In the group trials the captains can only dismiss or add new team mates till the 26.06.2020 23:59. Then the same squad must be used until the end of the competition.


The winner of the football pool is the player who has accumulated the most points with their match day predictions and bonus questions after the finale. If multiple players have the same point total, the player who has more triples, in other words the exact results, is the winner. If this value is also the same, the winner shall be determined by drawing.